14 January 2013

Best Ice Cream of MY LIFE

When in Rome, go to Giolitti.  You won't regret it, but your waistline might... my Roman neighbor, who lives two doors down from my apartment in Saudi, recommended that we go to Giolitti.  Thank you Giulio.  

When we got to the ice creamery, the place was packed, seriously, the line was out the door and everyone was scrambling to reach the counter.  You have to pay first and show your receipt in order to get any ice cream goodness so Molly bought us three medium cones.  This would turn out to be far more than we could handle.  Might I recommend smalls to any future novices.  But we devoured those sweet treats, Blackberry for me, Coffee for Aly, and Pistachio for Molly.  It was the best Ice Cream I have ever tasted in my entire life (and that is a pretty big statement as I used to work in a Creamery myself, and of course, well, I have an entire blog dedicated to this particular food).  But the stuff is wonderful, like Childhood on a cone.  Chucker loved it.  He and I ended up withes Purple Sticky Mess all over our faces which of course made us all crack up.  just a bit.  


  1. YUM! Ill have to remember that!

  2. Loving the icecream pictures! Had my best ever icecream in italy as well, in a very small gelateria in a tiny town somewhere in Tuscany. The dark chocolate without any extra sugar was to-die-for! Yum!!!
    Kristina x