05 February 2013


think fat, crunchy, corn tortilla.  the bread of the Paisas.  eat them for breakfast con quesito y huevito, for lunch con frijol y chicharron or for dinner con sancocho o asado.  they come in all different varieties, these arepas. there's arepa de chocolo, arepa de pelao y arepa de maíz sancochado.  my favorite is arepa de chocolo.  it is made from the young chocolo corn, the corn is ground and poured onto the skillet like a pancake.  arepa de chocolo is softer and sweeter than the others.

when i left Colombia i filled half of my luggage with arepa de chocolo, now a few weeks later i have just six left...

thank you to everyone for the nice comments about the hortencias, i thought you would like them too :)

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  1. This is making me hungry! I love that you smuggled these home - I'd do the same!