07 February 2013

flowers are nice, right, but it is the edibles that really steal our hearts.  a farm isn't a farm unless there's something growing that you can pick off the vine and eat.  fresh juicy sun-warmed tomatoes, cool crisp cucumbers, spicy peppers, sweet fruits that before, were flowers

on the finca, when we are preparing lunch or dinner, La Monita will ask one of the kids to cosechar some lechuga, or cilantro, huevos de la gallina o quizas algunos tomates.  we walk down the softly sloping hill and search for our treasure.  sometimes we have to explore a bit because the row of broccoli has been moved, vines have overtaken the garlic patch or a new greenhouse has been built.  but, when you know the shape of a leek, or the prickles of the eggplant, or the color of a cabbage, its just a matter of time before it's on the table

"the heart of agrarianism shares the ecological insight that people do not exist in isolation as autonomous beings.  we live with and from others in extensive webs of interrelatedness." 
- The Art of the Commonplace, Wendell Berry


  1. That coriander patch is incredible! Makes my pathetic little plants look... pathetic haha. And I don't think I've ever seen such enormous tomatoes!

    1. yes, they know how to grow their veggies!

  2. Heaven on earth!! Love it! M

  3. HaHaHa You all are talking about the vegetables and all I think of is: oh dear Emily has chickens now...

  4. Em, where is this? Columbia?