28 February 2013

Valentines Day Adventure: Part III

After we tired of touring the Palace, we made our way to a nice rock formation for a picnic lunch.  I forgot to take photos of our delicious picnic spread, but we enjoyed it hidden among the boulders that make up so much of Saudi Arabia.  We have some pretty interesting rocks around these parts.  I think maybe, they are sandstone (?).  They have been worn away by millions of  years of rough desert winds and it seems that the only life form that visits them are the wandering camels and occasional beduins.  The majority of Saudi Arabia is empty.  The people are concentrated in the big cities, with the water and air conditioning.  But if you drive a little ways into the desert, you will find nothing besides solitude and a few goat herders and sporadic cloth tents.  

There is a whole empty land waiting to be explored.  

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