02 April 2013

As I am currently nostalgic for all things Colombian, I thought I would share with you some final unedited fotos that I snapped in Medellín in January (yes I know it is April).  

We drove up from the city, on the last night before I flew back to the Middle East, and the sunset was so magnificent.  The highway snakes up the mountain giving the traffic amazing views.  I hurriedly pulled out my camera and tried to capture the sun and the city nestled in the valley.

I love this song.


  1. Rough Translation of the Chorus:
    Traveler, the path is made
    by your passage, nothing more;
    Traveler, there is no roadway,
    for it is made as you journey.
    By walking you make the way,
    and turning, you look back to see
    a path which you will never tread again.
    Traveler, there is no roadway,
    save the wild sea's wake.

  2. Gorgeous. The one with the billboard is my favorite. (And don't worry... I'm still blogging about January too...)

    1. Thanks! And exactly, they're our blogs so we can write about whatever we want and if that means we write January in April will good riddance! :)