05 April 2013

Eternal Summer

I know that Spring is just around the corner for most of you, but it is just about full on Summer here.  We have two seasons on this side of Saudi, Hot and slightly-less-Hot.  Though it is just now the beginning of April, we are rapidly transitioning from slightly-less-Hot to WTF, I-am-Melting-Hot.  

My plants are loving the weather right now.  The pea plants are climbing ever higher with bright-blue-blooms hidden amongst the tendrils, the four bougainvillas are thick with flashy pink tufts, the weird spiny red-flowered plants (anyone know the name?) love the heat and are thankfully keeping the gatitos on my side of the terrace.  My petunias also seem to be thriving, though I do worry about them in the heat, and my jasmine plant has fully recovered from its lack of roots (I unknowingly bought it on the side of the road from a bunch of thieves that had ripped it out of someone's garden and stuck it in a pot of dirt before selling it to me).  I didn't include a picture of my happy avocado plant (do you remember when it was just a babe?) because it won't fit into the frame!  It is enormous now, with exactly one branch coming off of the main stem.  The little apartment garden is happy (except for my tomatoes that seem to have white fly, remedies anyone?), and when I gaze out of the living room it makes me happy too.

Hang in there Winter-saddened readers, it will be hot in your neck of the woods soon too!

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  1. really pretty flowers. Now is the time of year here in the north that everything wants to start growing, But Mother nature keeps flexing her cold nights.