17 April 2013

Things to do when he is not around...

Listen to the news while cooking dinner.

So, I know that an online blurb doesn't really mean much, but a lot of folks back home have been asking if I've heard about what happened in Boston.  And yes, the horrific event that occurred there is all over the international news.  I heard from Pablo and colleagues in PNG that news coverage of the marathon bombing was all that was on TV even in Papua.  So yes, we have heard, and yes it is atrocious and my heart goes out to all of the victims.  

While cooking myself dinner tonight, and listening to NPR, I heard a lot about what the White House has to say (or not to say) about the bombing and about what people in Boston have to say and I even learned about the history of the Boston Marathon, but I didn't hear any responses from any non-Americans.  After talking to friends here, the response on my side of the world seems to be "Please don't let that sick bastard be from my country.  Please don't let him be of my religion."  Because if he is, how much will everyone else have to pay for his misdeeds? 


  1. Cooking while listening to NPR is also one of my favorite "When he is not around..." things to do! Or even "When he is upstairs and I have a few minutes to myself..." It's so comforting.

    The response on my side of the world seems to be, "Oh that's really really awful... How many Australians were there? Which Australians were there? Are the Australians ok? Let's talk to this Australian who lives somewhere near Boston..." Which I guess is understandable. It's kind of their news angle in these situations. Everyone wants to know that their countrymen are safe, I suppose!

    1. Yes, it does seem that there is something about tragedy and group solidarity. The one thing is, though, I imagine in the bombers had been Australian no one would worry about the US going to war with the Australians...

      NPR is so so great! :)