14 April 2013

Things to do when he is not around....

read a good book!

A couple of days ago I came down with the Plague of 2013, so the adventures I am currently partaking in include finishing off that massive pot of lentil soup that I made a week ago and not straying too far from my bed.  One of the many great joys of living in Saudi Arabia includes building relationships with lots of harmful bacteria and viruses.  With over 15 million people traipsing to Mecca every year and the fact that my often-traveling colleagues, neighbors, dentist, and local restauranteur get to brush shoulders and sweaty hands with these pilgrims, leads to rapid spread of the flu.  This paired with my wonderfully non-existent immune system means I get sick a. lot.  I am joyous though.  One day, when I finally move away from Saudi Arabia, I will leave triumphantly, with antibodies for my antibodies' antibodies. I will be unstoppable.  Or at least, maybe, unsickable...

Anyways, though, I highly encourage all bloggers (especially) and normal people too to read Julie & Julia.  I saw the movie a few years ago and thought it was cute but when one of my friends gave me the book and I found myself with hours of solitary downtime, I started reading and I was astounded.  It is hilarious and raunchy and at times completely nonsensical.  It is great.


  1. Get well soon!

    I never considered how all those pilgrims would be brining germs and viruses from all over right to your door step! I got sick a lot in UAE so I believe you when you say you get sick ALL THE TIME. It must be much worse! I think you are right though about when you leave... I haven't been sick once since leaving Abu Dhabi (other than a really mild sniffle when I first came to Australia. Oh and a cough a month ago). Of course, now that I've said that I'll probably get a fever tonight. ;)

    I read Julie and Julia a few years ago. Glad you like it too. It's still weird to me though that Julie went on to pursue a career as a butcher. Good for her, but yuck!

    1. Yes! I bet you totally got the pilgrim-germs in UAE too. I think its that and just living in a place where you are exposed to a lot of bugs that your body is totally unfamiliar with. Its not nice, but I hope I am sickness-free when I leave here too!

      I didn't know that she becomes a butcher!?? I read something at the back of the book about her being interested in learning more about meats, but wow. Not something I'd be very keen in doing though I do think there is value in feeling comfortable in chopping up animal if you choose to eat it. Hence, I'm pretty much a veg.

      Anyways, thanks for the comment, enjoy your Aussie Adventure!