13 April 2013

Things to do when he is not around....

delve into a bit of science!

There is nothing hotter than a labcoat and goggles, is there?  The other day University Communications came around to take photos of "Real Scientists" doing "Real Science" for some brochure or something that they are making for the board of trustees.  The "Real Scientists" doing "Real Science" turned out to be a bunch of us having our work interrupted so that photos of us could be taken as we oooh sooo slowly opened tubes and inserted small volumes of liquid into said tubes (the transfer of small volumes of liquid from one even smaller vessel to another constitutes the majority of my days' work).  I got some pretty sweet photos, though, of me in all of my Sponge Glory fastidiously slaving away.

As it is Saturday, though, we should all (in my opinion) enjoy a bit of science.  Science is everywhere and everything these days, so take a moment (or 45 if your lover is out of town) to soak it up.

particularly terrifying, Bringing back the Extinct
Diamond v. Chakrabarty, since we're on the topic of GMOs
Viral Genes in Food, maybe not a good idea
pollution in China, poor pigs
speaking of China, fake eggs and recycled buns
Zombie Alert!! see-through brains!
GM mosquitos to fight Dengue
my current project

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  1. Wow, impressive project Em...i only understand the word, biodiversity. Thanks for the photo of you, got anymore? Love, M