09 April 2013

Things to do when he is not around...

Hang out with a girlfriend and entertain her child while Mom does one of the millions of things she never has enough time to do!

I am constantly amazed by the women around me.  These ladies have so much going on.  They have graduate school to study for, husbands to cook for, children to take care of and they do all of this and are still fun to be around.  I spent the other night with my friend and her one-year old daughter who is just the cutest thing ever.  She is crazy!  One minute crawling, the next minute up walking, grabbing for the iphone (which she has such an interest in) and then she is falling over, face-planting and then back up again.  Insane amounts of energy.  Are all one-year olds like this?

If you have a friend who is a Mom, go hang out with her and her kids one evening.  You will no doubt gain a greater appreciation for your friend and if her kid is as crazy as this one, you will have a lot of fun but you will go home thankful for some solitude.


  1. I cannot get over how adorable she is!

    1. Yes! She is a little monkey and I love her!

  2. Such a cutie patootie!! I've got to meet her. Love M