23 May 2013

Bread and Butter

I still stand by what I said here.  When it comes to food, the Frenchies know what they are doing.  But... we did find a very close runner-up in the Philippines and again, it seems the key to an outstanding breakfast is, simplicity.  Bread and butter.  Bake it fresh, slice it thick, toast it ever so slightly, and smother it with soft. delicious. thigh-fattening. chin doubling. golden. butter.

Wash it down with strong coffee (though admittedly it would have been better with frothed milk).  Start the day happy.


  1. Start the day happy ;) love that.

  2. I never got it in kids books when they were punished by "going to bed with just bread and butter." That's no punishment! That's one of my favourite foods!

  3. thanks ladies for the love!