22 May 2013

Kookoo's Nest

Except for one day in Manila, my entire stay in the Philippines was at the Kookoo's Nest, just outside of Dumaguete on the island of Negros.  There are sooo many different islands and regions within the Philippines (they say there are 500 islands, 501 at low tide) that would be amazing to visit, but the purpose of our vacation was to relax, disconnect, and spend quality time with each other.  I am really glad that we planned our trip how we did because waiting for buses, negotiating ferry tickets, and bouncing from one location to another is stressful.  If I wanted stress, I would just go to Jeddah.

So, we spent our days relaxing in our cozy bamboo hideaway, reading in the hammock, taking walks on the beach and through the local village, snorkeling, and eating some amazing food.  If you have just a short stay in the Philippines, I would definitely recommend finding a secluded hideaway, just stay put, and explore the little adventures in your neighborhood. 

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