28 May 2013

end of the day, beginning of the night

After taking a stroll through the village, we would return to our beachside abode for a refreshing beverage to sip while we would sit and watch the sun go down.  Sometimes we would watch silently, sometimes we would discuss any number of random topics.  It is funny what can come into your head when you let it be still.  stimulated only by imagination and memory, not by artificial nonsense.

when the day was over and the sun was down, we would wash our sweaty, sticky, salty selves before sitting down to dinner with our fellow compatriots.  Sometimes it would be just us, but sometimes we would be joined by a pair of South Africans, or a handful of Brits, or several United Statesians.  And we would get to talking.  "What brings you to this part of the world?" "Where else in the Philippines have you been?" "What?  You live in Saudi Arabia?" "I once had a cousin who lived there."  

You know, the typical banter that you hear around hostels or B&Bs, in all those places that tourists and travelers, vacationers and vagabonds alike tend to frequent.  Its funny when you just have a very short exchange with complete strangers.  One conversation over one dinner.  A few words sharing a beer.  A couple of hours on a plane.  I mean, what do you say?  You can't possibly comprehend or understand or even like or dislike that person in a span of a few moments.  Do you try to tell them who you are?  Do you try to figure out who they are?  Or do you just stay silent?  

Is the world maybe broken up into those three types of people?


  1. that last picture with the two remaining Patrons speaks volumns

  2. Oh I think you can dislike people in that amount of time... I've met some pretty annoying travelers! ;)