30 May 2013

scenes from a bus stop

And then, we left paradise.

via motorcycle.

We thought we had booked a car to transport us and our luggage from the middle of nowhere back to Dumaguete city, but, upon finishing breakfast, our lovely hostess told us that our ride to the bus stop had arrived.  Our "ride" being two small motorcycles with smiling drivers.  Let's refresh.  I have never ridden a scooter, moped, dirt-bike or any other two wheeled machine (besides a bicycle, and that one time we took a friend's moto for a two second stroll down the street) before.  And I most certainly had never ridden through the Philippine countryside straddling the back of a kinda-sweaty guy named David, as we flew by cows, rice fields, and confused townspeople at 50 miles/ hour.  No I had not.  But I have now. And it was awesome! (minus the awkwardness of finding myself very up close and personal with a complete stranger.)

So, our moto-cheuffures dropped us at the bus stop where dusted the dirt-road off of our bodies, grabbed a refreshment and then waited for our friend Rene to pick us up...


  1. and no, the motos we rode, were not those pictured above with nice little sidecars, no, they were the real deal

  2. Too funny! Too bad you dont have a picture of that! What about your carry on bag or luggage?

    1. just strap the luggage onto the side of the moto! here is one photo, see link: https://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/g0r3CQM0aA-5w_HIkPyPz9MTjNZETYmyPJy0liipFm0?feat=directlink