31 May 2013

if your friend invites you to his house for lunch..

I warn you.  be careful.

You might fall in love with his home and his family so much that you decide you are just going to have to move in!  Seriously. be. careful.

I just had to show you Rene's house.  He and his wife invited us over for lunch on our last day in Dumaguete.  Rene and an architect friend of his custom-designed his house employing elements of traditional Filipino architecture as well as modern touches.  The house is amazing (hopefully you can get that from the photos).  It is open and breezy, cool without air conditioning.  The clean lines and simplicity with natural wood and glass throughout just made me swoon.  The view of rainforest and sea with an open garden out back for the kids to play in was just too much.  I seriously told them that we were moving in.  Being the awesome people that they are, they said, "great!"


  1. WOW ! Still recovering from the view, I must ask...why were two of the plates on the table turned upside down? That little girl has a sweet/devilish beautiful smile. she reminds me of a little girl I know, who was named by the neighbor man; Ironhead.

  2. Cool house. Cute little girl. You kids sure are lucky travelers!