29 June 2013

big news

Guess what?  Today, I'm sleepin' in!

But you might say, its a Saturday, the start of the work week in Saudi Arabia?
well, the King just changed it.  From this point forward, weekend in the
Kingdom is Friday - Saturday, not Thursday - Friday.  Pretty weird, right?
After 3 years of living here, I had just finally adjusted to the Thurs - Fri
weekend, and then they go and change it!  Snap your fingers, law is made.
Imagine if President Obama one day said, Guys, I'm changing the weekend.
I do not think it would go over very well and most certainly would take years
to go into effect.

But I'm stoked!  Not only do I get a three-day weekend, but also it is going to
be a lot easier to communicate with family/ friends back at home.  This is also
going to be great for businesses (and universities) in the Kingdom that work with
people on other sides of the world!  the times they are a changin'  


  1. That is HUGE news!!! I really liked the Sunday-Thursday work week for some reason...

    1. It is indeed! I think it will be great when we all get adjusted, but right now no one can remember what day it is!