28 June 2013

Could someone please tell me, what is the deal with all of the attractive animals lounging around Istanbul?  In every park and green space we saw tons of large decently cleaned dogs just basking in the sun.  Obviously well-fed cats sauntered around every street corner.  What are these guys doing?  If they are street-animals, why do they look so clean and act so sweet?  Do the dogs belong to the guards of the surrounding monuments or (this is horrible but it did cross my mind) are they drugged and left in parks as some sort of tourist attraction/ novelty?  They just seem so sleepyyyyy...

Street-animals most certainly do not look like this in Saudi.  While we have an abundance of scrawny one-eyed feral cats (two of which I brought home and are now not so scrawny), I don't think I have ever seen a street-dog in Saudi and really I don't think I have ever seen wild dogs anywhere that seem quite so lovable.  Animals of Istanbul, you are my kryptonite.

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