18 June 2013


So, I haven't posted in a few days because I have been seriously battling with Google.  What is the deal with Google+ and Google circles??  I took me the better part of a week to figure out how to not sign up for this unnecessary diversion yet still access my Picasa Web Albums so that I can continue showing you my totally awesome photos (that I also do not want automatically enhanced!  Google, really??  Not a good product).  

As much as I really enjoy blogging, I really do not want any more social media in my life.  No Facebook, no Twitter, no MySpace, no Instagram, No Pinterest and definitely not no Google+.  To me, it seems that information that can be transferred in a a matter of seconds, usually isn't worth transferring or will be regretted later.  Kinda like a BigMac and double fry.... Anyways, I'll keep my data download to thoughtful and sustainable levels thank you very much.  (the average time it takes me to create one blog post, between taking photos, editing them, formulating ideas, clearly writing said ideas, checking for typos, and searching for links can take a surprising amount of time)

Ok, sorry for that, enough ranting.  Anyways, we had a fabulous time in Istanbul.  I think that Istanbul is one of the most photogenic cities that I have been to.  The clash of European with Middle Eastern seems to create a very interesting vibe.  Miniature coffees in ornately painted pottery.  Winding streets lined with Kabob shops.  Cathedrals and mosques.  Style with hijab.


  1. Argh I so know where you're at with the social media. I am getting into twitter, but the Google thing holds no interest. I wasn't smart enough to avoid setting it up though.

    Istanbul is fabulous, I agree with you there as well! x

  2. Sorry that Istanbul is experiencing political unrest. Glad we missed it. M

  3. You left Rome and the Pope retired...You left Istanbul and it went crazy? Common denominator?

    1. It would seem ironic wouldn't it, though considering the proportion of the world that is in upheaval, chances are high that I happen to end up in a chaotic place. Either that, or I make a serious impression on the places I visit!