12 June 2013

sunset cruise

A week after we returned from the Philippines, my Mom came to visit!  I have now had a total of two visitors in the past three years living in Saudi Arabia.  It is arguably, quite difficult to get visas (in fact, I can only get them for direct family members) and it is a bit of a haul from the western hemisphere to the Middle East, but I was quite excited to show my mother a little bit of my life on this side of the world.  

So, a bunch of us decided to rent one of the local boats for a sunset cruise.  One of the greatest perks of living where I do, is being just a block away from the sea.  No doubt, I will never live closer to the beach again in my life (unless I happen to win the lottery).  We also have a coastal trip provider that will take you out deep sea fishing, snorkeling, diving, or boating, and the trips are very affordable.  

We had a really great time.  We just stayed around the harbor, but with a little bit of live music, good company, and a nice sunset followed by the sparkly campus at night made for a good time.


  1. That night was so much fun. It was great meeting everyone and enjoying an evening boatride. Thank you!

  2. Hmmm I feel like you are insinuating that I need to come over. I really really hope to soon, dear sister!

    1. you must dear sister, you must!

  3. Molly, You must feel the discomfort of standing out like a giraffe on a midget farm.

  4. Ha! What a wonderful saying! Yes, I feel exactly like that!