29 July 2013

cold day at the lake

Pablo is convinced that it is just always cold in Indiana.  After driving through the blizzard of 2012, and now with July feeling like October, it seems that Grandfather Winter is trailing us!  Luckily, we have more than enough hot, sunny weather in Saudi so the rain and chill is welcomed.  

Yesterday was a cold day on the lake, though.  We braved the rain and howling winds to watch the sailboat races and were very happy that we weren't on one of the boats capsizing.  The little 28ft E-scows were flying across the lake and battling each other to be the first around the orange buoys.  Downwind they threw up their colorful spinnakers catching the gusts full force.  Then, hurriedly they pull in the bright sails, tacking and jibing their way back to the other side of the lake.