25 July 2013

ladies' day

While the Midwest can often be known as the crossroads of the Rust Belt and the Bible Belt, the home of closed-down factories, illiteracy, obesity, and a land of nothing but Agribusiness for as far as the eye can see, there are also special little havens of goodness if you know where to look.  Liberal enclaves with fresh food, handmade goods, bike paths, antiques, vintage t-shirts, and even the occasional hipster.  Right here.  In the Heartland.

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So, yesterday, my sisters and I had a Ladies' Day (Pablo arrives later this week after working in Woods Hole).  We went to Broadripple and had a wonderful time.  The weather here has been such a reprieve from scorching Saudi- warm in the sun, cool in the shade- and perfect for wandering in and out of shops full of nothing you need and everything you want.  We lunched at Tasteindulged at brics, and supped at La Piedad (our favorite).  We wandered and gossiped and gushed over perfect peaches.  We looked for antiques for the new house and fingered fabrics that we certainly couldn't live without.  We wanted watermelons, craved candles, and bargained for bobbles.  We sought shirts, and skirts, and silly sunglasses.  Rings and things, and everything in between.  We wanted it all and more too, but mostly, we just wanted to spend time with each other as sisters are want to do.


  1. EEE this makes me want everything all over again!

    1. EEE me too! miss you guys today!

  2. I love these pictures. Just exemplifies what we all take for granted on a daily basis.