05 July 2013

oh, hey there

and a belated Happy Independence Day to you too.  It was seriously, the most uneventful United Statesian Day yet.  We were moving.  Again.  Long story, but after work on the 4th of July, we spent the next six hours moving stuff, lots of stuff.  

In the last few weeks, though, we have had some sweet adventures around the great land that is Saudi.  We had a Caveman Party (hence the excessive facial hair) and then the next day we got the great idea to go for a sunset hike.  We somehow forgot that it is 100+ degrees outside (45+ celsius) until after the sun goes down.  It was a sweaty affair.  Good times with good friends doing crazy things.

I am still working on finishing posts on Istanbul, so stay tuned, more to come on that trip and other adventures!

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