29 August 2013

and then...

...we crossed the Mississippi.  It was and is, extraordinary.  From Faulkner to Zeppelin, this mighty river has been idolized by man since the beginning of time.  It separates east from west, befuddles first-graders (and Colombians) in spelling bees, and it is the drain pipe of North America.  Its kinda a big deal.  

And we drove over it.  With slight headaches and dehydration following our night of libations, we set forth from Madison to Rochester, Minnesota to visit some of Pablo's friends.  Unfortunately, I took a total of zero photos while we were in Minnesota.  Something about traveling to a previously unseen Midwestern town and speaking nothing but spanish seemed to consume all of my concentration.  So, sorry for the lack of visual pleasuring, just know that we had a fun time with gente querida, y las arepas con quesito eran muy sabrosas.  Divino, divino.


  1. We even learnt about the Mississippi all the way down in Melbourne in primary school. The spelling rhyme and everything! x

  2. Miss-iss-i-ppi! Yep...i still think of that if i have to spell it.