14 August 2013

I just thought I would share a few more photos of perhaps my favorite place in the entire world.  After our swim at the lake, we hiked up to Lake Ridge and then passed over to Pine Ridge.  The gnats were attacking us, but we battled on and came down Haunted House trail with a glimpse of the pines.  Many-a-Sunday spent sitting amongst those tall straight trunks listening to stories of all of nature's goodness.  After creeping around Mr. Hole's spooky house, we hiked the rest of the way back to camp where we sat on the porch and watched the hummingbirds zip from tree to tree while we pet a lazy cat on our laps.  We ended our trip to camp by purchasing a new camp book and enjoyed some strawberry ice cream with Alice.

"It was Fred's job and the nature of his work to make life an adventure for his campers every day.  And no matter how mundane the adventure, he always brought an enthusiasm to it that made it seem like you just had to 'join in and help whitewash the fence.'" - back cover of book


  1. Best darn place on earth. I still miss my summers at camp. Such a magical place. M

  2. You have a talent for taking photos

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