13 September 2013

i heart the west village

Perhaps I like this neighborhood so much because it is the least like the rest of crazy New York City?

Quiet sidewalks with ivy-covered buildings and people with non-shoebox-sized apartments walking their dogs down to the Hudson.  Delicious eateries and bikes galore.  This place has all of the swagger and coolness that is New York, just without the pile of stinking garbage lining the street and a symphony of honking car horns.  Those of you with boku-bucks and a penthouse overlooking the river, kudos, you are living the good life.  

We left our rented apartment in Hell's Kitchen early in the evening and took the metro (or is it the tube, or the subway?) to the Village.  We had a short walk down to the river where I got my first glimpse of Lady Liberty.  She looks quite diminutive from such a distance, though still, she reigns regal in her green gown, hand held high.  We then made our way over to Wallse for dinner (thanks for the advice Joanna!) and enjoyed some really nice wine, creative Austrian fair, and a cozy romantic evening.

We did not stay long, though, because Pablo told me that had a surprise event planned...

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