14 September 2013


And then Pablo surprised me with tickets to Wicked!  When we missed the show this past winter (thanks blizzard of 2012), both of us were really upset.  I had gotten us tickets (that were unfortunately non-refundable) for Christmas and instead of having a winter adventure in the big city and a night out to see our first Broadway musical, we spent 24 hours stuck in the Cincinnati airport.  Sooo, I was totally stoked when we popped out of the metro station right in front of Gershwin Theater.  Needless to say, the show was spectacular- the flying monkeys, the ever-changing sets, Glinda/Galinda, and of course Defying Gravity- anagogic responses all around.

I think deep down inside me, buried under layers of stage-fright and tone-defness, introversion and nerd-dome, lives a diva.  A diva yearning to break free, dance wildly in perfect syncopation and belt out truly magnificent reverberations of melodic clarity.  For now, though, that beast will have to be soothed into submission with unhealthy quantities of sing-a-longs, Glee, and hopefully much more frequent Broadway adventures.

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  1. Pleas keep that beautiful singing voice to the confines of the shower stall.