13 October 2013

scenes from home

Pablo has been gone for the past week.  He was talking about fish in Australia.  He comes home today!  I have been holding down the fort in his absence and while we have a pretty sweet home, its just not the same without him.  The cozy couch with the white slip-cover that I made seems just too big for one, and our baby-love that is the avocado plant (can you believe how much its grown?) is a bit sad without his latino parent, even the sunny porch feels a bit more vacant.

But I ask myself, and I've talked with friends about this topic, how did we get to this point?  Just a short while ago, we were all solitary warriors without partners to fill up the spaces.  And maybe some would call this dependence or laziness, to feel a bit empty without the other, but I'd also argue that only when you've shared your whole heart can you experience such longing.  And to know that in sharing your soul you might feel some angst, well that certainly has to be courageous.  


  1. Jealous of all your plants. We recently bought a few down at the souk but I want (and need) more!!! I want a jungle on my balcony!

    1. Well with the amount of sun in this region of the world it shouldn't take long to make a jungle! Happy plant hunting!