12 October 2013

Why does anyone go camping?

At home you have an oven and a stove and a soft bed and there are no creepy-crawlies to get you.  There is no dirt on your feet or having to use a flashlight for everything.  At home you are safe and secure and comfortable.  So why go out into the unknown to experience discomfort and at times, fear? 

I really don't know.  But something about it is just fun.

The incertitude makes it exciting.  And when you've built the fire to fill your belly, you feel powerful and satisfied.  Those smells, like toasted 'mallows, and fire roasted potatoes are just not something you can achieve at home.  The somewhat sore back from sleeping on the ground, and the dirt under the fingernails from who-knows-where, those things you will avoid if you stay home.  But the full moonrise over a desert landscape, and then the millions of stars shining in the sky, and then some hours later, the rise of a new day sun, those are also not things you will see at home.  For these things, you have to go into the wild to find.


  1. Those sparkler shots are amazing! I love the desert at night. Actually, that might be the only time I like the desert!

    I also camping, but I agree it makes no sense... particularly when a wombat breaks into your tent at 3am to eat your chocolate brownies. And you can almost never build campfires here. Other than that, bliss!

  2. whoa, wombats!! I've heard that camping in Australia poses many deadly threats! We had a giant camel spider which was pretty horrifying, but nothing venomous like you've got thank goodness!

    The sparkler shots were actually done with a flashlight which worked really well!

  3. I love the light show. I really don't love the thought of sleeping with camel spiders

  4. I love the flashlight body outline. I need to try that!

  5. Pablo took the flashlight photos!!