11 November 2013

Dear Australia,

Seriously, WTF?  I tried to be nice and look where that has gotten me.  I have come to your shores, twice now, open-hearted and excited to explore an island continent yet unknown to me.  What with your furry eucalyptus-eating creatures, animals with baby-laden pockets, and unfailing economy, you appear to be so damn likable.  But, Australia, you have gotten the better of me.  Twice.

Yesterday, as I traveled the 20-million hours back home from Perth, on my birthday, I wondered, "Australia, what have I ever done to you?"  Why, yet again, did I find myself in a foreign doctor's office, coughing up god-know's what and meat pies?  Why were my dreams of snuggling with wombats put to sleep with five days of fever and far too much Nyquil?  Why, Australia, why?  ...I swear I was totally kidding about that whole steal a Koala idea...

sick and grumpy traveler


  1. Love you so much little sister! I'm sorry you are so sickly.

  2. Obviously, You are allergic to the Island Continent? Or maybe and I believe this is more credible, it is the 20 million hours on the nasty, and I do mean nasty, germ filled, flying cylinder, that breeds germs from all over the world. Maybe the third time will be the charm. I am glad that Pablo was home waiting to nurse You back to health. P.S. nice touch Pablo with the soup and flowers

  3. Hahahahaha! So funny! That'll teach you, you little fake Sheila. Get well soon, and maybe next year you can come home for your birthday and experience fall again! Glad Pablo can take care of you. OXO