14 November 2013


So, besides discovering the plague, I did have a bit of time to explore Fremantle while I was in Australia and I must say, that Freo is quite a charming little town.  The early 19th century architecture and pedestrian friendly city-layout gives this town a european feel while still preserving the laid-back beachy-thing that is so Australian.  

The first day that I arrived to Fremantle was a sunny Saturday, so I took the opportunity to go walkabout the town.  There were tons of people out and there seemed to be some sort of festival going on.  Part of the main street was blocked off and there were lots of booths selling all sorts of goodies, a mini-climbing wall for kids, and lots of artsy curiosities.  What really caught my eye, though, was as I continued to wander, I began to hear the faint sound of Irish rock music...

...tunes of bagpipes floating through the breeze...

and then, I saw where it was coming from.  I saw the throngs of bystanders gaping in awe.  And my jaw dropped too.  when I saw the flames.  A grown man, dressed in a leather skirt, standing in the middle of the street playing a flaming bagpipe.  The Badpiper.  Freo, you rock.

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