16 November 2013

Science on Saturday // Maritime Museum

The welcoming ceremony of the World Sponge Conference (believe me, I've heard all the jokes) was held in the Fremantle Maritime Museum.  Before toasts were made and somewhat awkward conversations were had, we were given the opportunity to wander around the museum free of charge!  The museum is not very big, but it has an impressive array of old sailboats hanging from the ceiling, exhibits about the history of Australian marine expeditions, and it even has a display of a real Megamouth shark that was found and preserved.  The conference organizers could not have chosen a better location for the ceremony and if you get out to Western Australia, check out the museum!


  1. Us Kraft-Giles girls have always loved museums. :-) love M

  2. Maybe Alyson can be the Museum Curator at the Maritime Museum