17 December 2013

Every princess needs a castle.  And with sea and sun and a colorful village to look upon, I think that I would be a very happy princess of Collioure.  I would wait atop the battlements, scanning the Medeiterranean for foes.  I would stock my cellars with grapes from the surrounding hills, far and wide.  I would tend to my small flock of fowl, sheep, and goats, petting those velvety noses everyday.  I would be a great princess of Collioure with Disney movies galore to herald my name with songs aplenty for silly little-girl dreams.

Thanks Erwan and Vale!!  Final photo taken by Erwan


  1. Everything is so cute.. How do people make a living there? Fishing? Tourists $$?

  2. You will always be my Little Princess, no matter where in the world You are