22 December 2013

So, I am really behind on my story sharing here.  Blah!  Its been over two weeks since we returned from France.  After which, we had a crazy last week at home for the year, and then we departed on our holiday adventures.  Thirty hours later, we had flown halfway around the world and said our goodbyes to each other as he departed for South America and I departed for North.  

And north I went.  Into the cold and frozen heartland, home to many feets of snow, icy lakes, blizzards, and sparkling trees.  Of the conifer variety.  Twinkling in the night with little red do-dads and green babbles.  In this region, it is cold but the people are not.  They gather in fire-warmed houses, eating the sweet treats of the season and spreading their cheer.  We always joke about folks from the Midwest.  You meet them on a plane or a train or in the grocery line and they will tell you their life's story.  They will chat to you about your day and give you recommendations for which dishes to try.  Spend thirty minutes with them and you will be invited over for dinner.  Because they are a cheery people.  When the world freezes over and there are no blossoms to bloom and no bees buzzing in the air, you pass the time with people.  Gathering.  Rejoicing.  Waiting for spring.

But today I am leaving.  I am headed to Colombia to spend my first Christmas down south.  Another Latino Adventure.  More posts to come on France, and Indiana, and Colombia....


  1. I love that picture. Come home soon and often

  2. Miss you already, but enjoy your next adventure. Hi to Pablo! Love M

  3. So happy I got to spend so much time with you. I love you and have fun with Baby Jesus!