18 January 2014

There is something comforting about preparing very large quantities of food.  Like bath-tub-sized pots of soup.  Or pumpkin cookies on top of a full Thanksgiving Day dinner (note to self, no one wants cookies after that much starch).  Or, for the love of Pete, why I always overdo rice.  Seriously, one cup is more than enough.  Yet I am forever making two.  

It is strange, that nagging voice in the back of your head that says, do you think it's enough?  And then you hem, and you haw, and you think those tiny hard grains of rice really don't look like much... and then finally, you give in.  You drag out your oversized cookware, you quadruple your recipes, and you add another gosh darn cup of rice.  Because we love to satisfy others.  To not come up short.  To have more than enough and to give it open heartedly.  Because when you see them rub their tummies, and smile at the subtle intoxication of taste, you too are satisfied, you gave it your all.

Sancocho made by my Suegra 

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  1. My gosh that looks like enough food for 30 people