24 January 2014

I could, very easily, lose myself in the finca.  I could hide amongst the rows of tomatoes, or crawl under a curtain of cilantro.  I could lounge with the lettuces and past the time with the peppers.  Down in the greenhouses and gardens, it is quiet.  The merengue music drifting from the house on the hill is no more than a murmur in the background and the Paisa spanish that steals my concentration, has been silenced. My brain is calm, stimulated by the senses, not by words.  And with only a dog or perhaps a merongo to keep me company, I am happy to wander with my camera.  To hunt in and amongst the leaves for hidden treasures.


  1. First of all, do you know what I would give to see that much greenery right now? Second, that is a big gross caterpillar!

    1. People actually eat those caterpillars!

  2. That is definitely not Saudi Arabia. I will confess that I have eaten 2 caterpillars/worms in my life....both were in the bottom of a bottle prior to being in the bottom of my stomach.

  3. Is that Pablo's parents farm? Yummy stuff...except the nasty worm. M