28 January 2014

You know its going to be a good day when you have a beer in your hand by 10am.  

And a good day it was.  Eleven members of the family piled into three cars and set out for Guatapé.  During the drive there, I received an education in pop-e-rop music (try saying Pop Rock with a Latino accent) while enjoying the window-seat view of the Colombian countryside.  We arrived mid-morning and wandered around the cute town following mother hen Tío Sergio, stopping at each corner to take a group photo. 

I marveled at the brightly colored houses.  Yellow and red with blue, green, magenta, and mauve.  Who would have thought of such a combination?  Power clashing at its finest.  But somehow, it works.  As an ardent supporter of white, off white, and neutral, the rainbow of colors in Guatapé left me speechless.  Apparently, though, if you put enough colors together that don't match at all, you will arrive at a cohesively fantastic zen. 


  1. Colorful! Looks like fun. :-)

  2. I want to ski on that water