26 January 2014

Fritanga.  Even the name sounds delicious, doesn't it?  Arroz, frijol, chicharrón, chorizo, patacón.  A meal can hardly be any more decadent.  

Now, I would not normally eat dinner a la fried, but there is a time and a place, and Colombia at Christmas certainly sounds like it.  And let me tell you folks, from the moment they start the fire, when the smell of burring wood fills the air, to the late hour after everyone in moaning and groaning from too-full-bellies, it is glorious.  Never would I have thought that I would so enjoy stripping butter-soft pork fat off the bone.  And blood sausage might not sound too tastey, but when the rice and sanguine mixture has been freshly stuffed into its intestinal casing, I guarantee you will ask for seconds.  So, while it might be the month for resolutions and diets, celery and juices, think again and reach for something fried.


  1. Is that pork in the bowl? Looks yummy! What is being fried??

  2. I will reserve my opinion until further investigation is done with my tastebuds.