16 February 2014

And then we went on a roadtrip.  In search of very tall trees.

The single highway away from the city twisted and turn first up the mountain, then down, before up again to the final descent.  At times I thought we were floating through the sky as I looked out my window and saw the ground disappear off the side.  Many times I thought there was no way that both we and the truck approaching would fit on that narrow road, but we pressed on.  We passed through countless small towns with naught but a bar and a church, sometimes one next to the other, but we continued, stopping only twice to stretch our legs.  We drove and we drove with the big cows beaconing us on and the people along the road wondering where we were going.  And just as the sun had set, we arrived.  With coffee plants all around, the sweet fragrance in the air, we made it.  Eje Cafetero welcomed us.

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