18 February 2014

We made it safely back to land after two and a half weeks at sea.  The trip was a crazy adventure and nothing like we expected, but we lived to tell the tale and had many laughs along the way.  After finally washing the smell of fried food and diesel out of all of my clothes, re-adjusting to life on stable ground, and remembering how to live in a house of two versus a ship of twenty, I am making my way back to Earth.  To reality.  To the everyday.  To the the good and the bad.  And while I might not have learned so much about reef science, I did learn a lot.  I learned that when the plan doesn't work out you have two options.  You can sink.  Or you can smile.  You can isolate yourself in a six by six foot cabin and cry in solitude, or you can wrap yourself in a ball of friendship and laugh.  

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