21 February 2014

We were eleven students that set out on the RV Thuwal on the morning of the 2nd of February.  We arrived at the dock clean and fresh faced, optimistic about the journey that stood before us.  Our morale was high even as we remained in port hours past our planned departure time.  We took the extra moments of stillness to settle into our cabins, learn where to muster, and say our goodbyes to those that would stay behind.  

We set out on that boat as eleven acquaintances.  A traveler, a hunter, a listener, a warrior, a sifter, a sleeper, an artist, a mystic, a survivor, a romantic, and one crazy person.  Throughout the trip we would evolve into a flock of birds, gang of pirates, condiments for any meal, and finally, we would return as a family.

photos in this post come from Amr, Remy, Alex, Lu Sun, and me!  Thanks guys for sharing!

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  1. Awesome ship! Which character are you? The water looked beautiful! Love M