14 March 2014

I thought I would share some final images from last month's cruise.  Most of these photos (including the great one above) come from the ever-patient Lu Sun.  The videos come from Remy and her persistent and indestructible GoPro.

I know its all pretty much old news now as time has passed, life has gone on, and new stories are waiting to be told.  But that is ok with me.  My pace might be a bit slower than what could be achieved with other forms of social media, or certainly someone with a cell phone (damn thing has gone missing again), but I'm just not a fast moving kinda gal (see me running and you'll know).  I like to take my time to think about what I'm putting out there, even if that means I have to compromise some communication.  Maybe I'm just being stubborn, but I hope you all don't mind and stop by and visit every once in a while.

Thanks guys for a good trip!!!

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  1. I want to go there. Is that an Oasis in the Red Sea? The only white surface around here for the past 4 months is called SNOW.