11 March 2014

Why would anyone (besides Bassholes) want to manhandle a bunch of dead fish?  

Really, its beyond me, but apparently, by pulling them out of the water and cutting them open, you can learn a thing or two.  Now, I will admit, that though I am approaching the completion of my Masters in Marine Science, I know hardly anything about fish (hopefully I made it clear enough in past posts that there are, in fact, a few more creatures in the sea worth studying).  But, I did, however, learn during this recent course at sea that fish o have some interesting things going on.  First, did you know that their gut length often corresponds to their diet (imagine unraveling fish guts and lining them up against a ruler)?  Second, some fish apparently open their mouths real wide to keep from being eaten (I think I might start doing this the next time I face an opponent).  Lastly, some fish have special little brushy teeth to gently pull leaves off of algae.  Now, I might have missed a few dead fishy facts here, but perhaps there is more than meets the nose...

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