07 March 2014

We did get off the boat a few times...

...and when we did, what wonders did we see.  While collecting data, taking tissue samples, laying transects, and counting fish, all around us, was an upside down world filled with life.  We were circled by swarms of barracudas, startled by rays scurrying about and there were even a few sharks.  There were corals of every shape, color, and size.  Cucumbers, lionfish, and even nasty crown of thorns starfish.  There were fish of the swimming variety as well, though not very big ones as the fishermen have been quite successful with their nets and long lines and dynamite.  And in the southern region of the Red Sea there is more productivity in the water which means less visibility, more growth, and things sneaking up on your while you're diving.

barracuda/ shark video credits - Alex // blue spotted ray video and several photo credits - Remy


  1. So many pretty fishy! Not sure I would feel very good about swimming with the shark but the rest is so beautiful! Love you sister!

  2. Love your deep sea photos! You sure have experienced things we can only read about. Love M