04 April 2014

Looking back on these photos from last weekend has made me think about several things.

First, I think that I am wearing zip-off pants in at least 80% of the photos on this blog.  That is eh'em a little bit embarrassing.  Though I will say, that if you're gonna be outside and you don't know if its going be hot or cold, go with the convertible pant.  Shorts and full length all in one.  Efficiency at its finest.  I might have a secret crush on utilitarian wear...

Second, I really don't want to live near an active volcano.  The one shown in these photos last went off in (I think) the 1200s.  Over 1,000 years later and there's still hardly a damn thing there.  Liquid hot magma don't lie.

Last, its funny how in just a span of one week, life can be so drastically different.  Where last weekend I was hopping over Earth's ephemeral crust, huffing and puffing and stubbing my toes, today I am lounging, listening to some folk tunes and baking up a storm.  Different days, different adventures.  I've gotta remember that when things seem scary or dull, overwhelming or boring, something new will soon come knockin' on the door.

I hope you enjoy the rest of the week, I sure am!


  1. pretty Inhospitable? Interesting !

  2. If anyone can pull off utilitarian wear, it is you dear sister.

  3. I love the Pabs!