11 April 2014

Up and over the lava we went like a little crowd of Teletubbies in our brightly-colored gear.  No doubt every beduin within 100 miles could see us slowly snaking our way up the volcano.  I can only imagine their confusion at our purposeless feat.  But we persevered and when we reached the top, we were quite amazed.  With a strong cold wind blowing and loose rubble under our feet, we inched as close to the precipice as we dared.  In front of us, the ground fell away, hundreds of meters below was all that remained of a once powerful geological phenomena.  There was the summit and then nothing.  Nothing but air and a few birds playing in the breeze.  

So, when we realized that it would be impossible for us to circumnavigate the crater, or descend into her depths, we took our photos, planted a Polish flag, and back down we went.

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  1. Not much vegetation! Were You on the moon?