17 April 2014

Camping in the desert can be tough.  While you don't often have to worry about rain flooding your tent, in our neck of the woods, or lack there of, it is wind and curious beduins that keep you up at night.  Without trees or much of anything else to stop it, the wind can rattle the tent so strongly that you are sure your will find yourself in Timbuktu come morning.  And if you manage to sleep through the cacophony of thin plastic whipping against itself, headlights and shouting are likely to awaken you.  You can drive off the road, through fields of lava and swear that you are in the middle of freakin' no where, but don't be fooled, other people are not so far off.  So, do not set out into the desert for a good nights' sleep, but do go for the food and fun.  There is nothing like an empty night sky and potatoes roasted on coals.  Conversation with good friends and learning to cooperate in rough conditions.  And most of all, the next day, when you crawl out of your tent and enjoy a barbequed french pastry while enjoying the sunrise and watching the camels off in the distance, you'll know that it was worth it.

The next morning, sleepyheads :)

In pursuit of french pastries.

who was happy I brought eggs :)


  1. Cocktail around the campfire is nice too...oops, forgot! Love M

  2. Guess You don't have to worry about starting a forest fire? Please tell me that those "steaks" are beef? We don't have beduins, however I am not exactly comfortable with them separated only by nylon. The Columbian and the Pole look very content, and I must say I do like the Polish shirt. Amazing that the egg stayed in one piece.