19 April 2014

Its amazing what just a little bit of water can do.  From stark desert nothingness, the land is transformed into an oasis of life.  Full of green, and flowers, butterflies, birds, and even water beetles.  People flock to it as well.  Muddy footprints left from someone playing at the water's edge, F + M and A + N marked their union, and cars stopped all along the highway to catch a glimpse of the often elusive fresh water.

We found this place on our return drive home so we just stopped for a little while to snap some photos and make sure it wasn't a mirage.  We all thought how nice, though, it would be to stretch out a hammock and read under the shade of an acacia tree while listening to the ripple of the stream.  Its funny how just a little bit of water can make you want to linger.  


  1. MMMMMM I want to linger, MMMMM a little longer...

  2. Holy Smokes, that actually looks like the Planet Earth as opposed to the moon. I like the sewing needle bush also, pretty intimidating armor.

    1. Those bushes are sharp! I have gotten many a spine in me accidentally. The camels can actually nibble the little leaves in between the spines without getting stuck, pretty incredible if you ask me.