22 April 2014

And speaking of water, if you look very closely at water, even salty, hot, nutrient poor Red Sea water, you will find a lot of creatures living there.  Copepods, chaetognaths, krill, jellies, polychaetes, gastropods, even fishes.  Life abounds.

Recently, for one of my classes we went out on the big boat to learn about pelagic ecology and the critters that live in the open water.  I was quite surprised to see that in just a little bit of water, there are quite a few things.

for some reason everyone wants to save the baby fishes but no one cares about killing 1 million other invertebrates

to sample tiny things, you need a very big net

to fix big nets, you need big Norwegians :)


  1. I bet You look good in that Blue Jumpsuit ?