25 April 2014

What happens in water after the sun goes down?  All the freaks come out to play.

Squishy, slimy, tentacled invertebrates that would make such a nice lunch for some nasty boney fish, take advantage of the cover of darkness to send out their polyps and scamper about while avoiding predators.  Without sunlight, there is no sense in photosynthesizing, they have to get more creative in their feeding.  To eat and not be eaten, that is the MO of nature.  So, dear spineless creatures, slither about, roll your googly eyes at me, and by all means catch some plankton, for the night is short and the day brings terrors.

silly crab has decided to carry a bunch of anemones on his back, must be why he's so grumpy

a worm so flat he floats away

teeny, tiny cup corals, so very cute

cucumbers with faces only a mother could love

giant slugs!!!

same cuttlefish, different color... I wish I could change colors

googlyist-eyed of them all, first prize goes to Mr. Flatfish

These photos come from a recent night-diving expedition that I was on.  For ten nights, two other ladies and I along with countless eager volunteers took to the dark, chilly, night-time waters in search of sex.  More on that to come...

Video credits and several of the photo credits go out to Remy and Pablo.


  1. In search of WHAT? Shouldn't be too tough for You to find in Saudi? I saw one of those Flat Fish just the other day; unfortunately the fisherman could not retrieve it before a car made it flat. That seaweed octupuss animal was very cool. You were at the San Diego Aquarium weren't You? Very Cool! Thanks for sharing with us land lubbers

  2. What's the video creature? What's the yellow thingy. I want to take home the octopus. Really cool photos, Em. Was it scary night diving, was it cool? Love M

    1. The video is of a feather star, usually they stand in one place filtering plankton with their tentacles but this one was found walking on the sand for some reason. The yellow thing, in the image after the video is a basket starfish, they can curl each of their tentacles up to catch prey, when you shine the light on them they immediately curl up to entrap all of the plankton that is attracted to the light. :)