09 May 2014

I said that I just returned from Norway and you might be wondering what the heck I was doing there.  And while I did do many things there, one thing I was most certainly not doing was vacationing.  Kudos to you if you take a vacation in Scandinavia but travel enthusiasts be warned, its gonna cost you.  Before we left, we were told that Norway is a very expensive country, at least for those not making a normal Norwegian salary, but this message didn't hit home until I bought a bottle of water and it cost me over five dollars!  Pretty insane.

But I was lucky enough to be sent (with about 20 other students) to Norway by my university.  Talk about a nice field trip.  So, at the end of April, we packed up our bags and followed our favorite Viking Professor to his home country to learn about high latitude marine ecosystems and how they differ from the Red Sea.  We had a glorious time.

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  1. What do they have that makes living there sooo expensive?